Mingling with the wildlife in sunny Sarasota, FL

Lindsay is an illustrator & designer with a passion for the natural world and a knack for simple living (when she needs to). She is a keen observer, and her illustrations reflect the whimsy, delight, and sometimes absurdity of the world around us. She is just as happy watching the wildlife at the bar as she is in the woods. 

Lindsay was born in Omaha, Nebraska and moved to California in 2009. She currently shares a space with Brandon and their cat, Sollee.


Listening to:  Stranger to Stranger by Paul Simon
Hiking:  Claremont Fire Trail
Reading:  Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore and Kottke
Drawing With:  Palomino Blackwings
Can't Live Without:  So much SPF
Experimenting With:  Crayons, natural skin care
Looking Forward to:  Groundhogs Day and more sunlight!


That's West Mitten Butte behind me! Monument Valley, AZ

Brandon Withrow is jack-of-all-trades; he stands at a cross roads of engineering & photography with an art background in animation, and regularly uses all of these to build and play in his current work. Meet these skills with a love and deep care for the world around us, founded early with his upbringing near the Great Smoky Mountains, and you get a travel-hungry guy who is constantly tinkering to capture and celebrate it.

Brandon was born in Ashland, Kentucky and moved to California in 2012.


Listening to:  Wilco & Cream
Reading:  Dreamcatcher by Stephen King
Can't Live Without:  Jif peanut butter
Eating:  Chips & Casa Sanchez Hot Salsa
Shooting With:  Fuji GS645 with Neopan Acros 100
Experimenting With:  Origami, 3-D photography
Looking Forward to:  Road trip to Los Angeles in Feb!